Not The Mama - Updated

I had intended to post about the stupid driver I encountered on the New York State Thruway coming back from an off site meeting today, but this stuff is better.

First, I was planning on going rollerblading today after dropping Grasshopper off at karate. The rain's been on and off and we had a break of sun and perfect temps to rollerblade. Clouds were moving in but I thought I had time. However, I hit EVERY red light on the way home. Then I had to take care of a thing or two and get changed when I got home. I grabbed my stuff, sat on the porch and started putting on my pads when it started sprinkling. Not wanting to blade in the rain, I hit the treadmill instead. When I was done with my 30 minutes, it was POURING outside. It appears the good Lord put some obstacles in my way to keep my safe and dry. Awfully kind of Him. That's why we're such tight pals.

Second, and more important, I have to give the Wife the Supermom of the Year award for duty above and beyond to her child(ren). Maverick (who I think is old enough by now to call by his real name, Christopher), has been at wrestling camp at the state college about 20 minutes from our house since Saturday. We decided to have him commute instead of staying on campus as it's his first time at a camp like this. This has required the Wife (Ellen for those keeping track), to shuttle him out for registration, home for dinner, and back for evening session on Saturday, take him out there on Sunday, home for dinner, and back again for evening session, pick him up yesterday at the end of the day, and the plan for today was to pick him up at the end of the session (note the number of trips, 20 minutes there and back each time people).

So today, she's pretty whipped. And looking forward to relaxing a little before having to pick him up at 9. We decided to spring for lunch and dinner today and have him stay the whole day so she only had to pick him up at the end. As a clarifier, my nephews are attending the same camp so I've been dropping them off at my sister's house in the morning and she's taking the three of them out.

Anyway, Christopher calls home from his cell about 7:30. He asks if the Wife has left yet. The answer was no, she was planning on being there at 9 pm. So he asks to talk to her. There's a tournament tonight, he hasn't wrestled yet, and wants Ellen to come watch him wrestle. She's JUST gotten comfortable in her chair to FINALLY get some rest. So what does she do?

That's right. She gets up, grabs her stuff and a camera, and heads off to see the kid wrestle. So, ladies and gentlemen, this is why she is honored as Supermom of the Year. You may commence the wild cheering and raucus jubilation.

Update - I got a call from Christopher today. He placed 3rd in his weight class! He's very proud of himself.


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