We had a band meeting today to discuss with our singer her leaving the band. I thought it might be a major deal, but as it turned out, it really wasn't. Her original email telling the band she was leaving had some anger in it, mostly due to some mis-communication after our last gig. But what it really boiled down to was that she's running for town supervisor in our town and just doesn't have the time right now to devote to the band. She's either in 100% or 0%. We all understand and it's cool if she takes a break from the band. However, we left the door open for her to return whenever she's ready.

I put in my main 2 cents which was that when we have 4 voices together, including hers, the sound we get makes chills run down my spine. Even if we got another singer, it wouldn't be the same. Not to mention one of the things that makes a band is the people in it. I know from experience when you change the lineup, you change the band. Things won't be quite the same without her, but we'll keep on for now. Hopefully in the fall after the election she'll have time to be part of what we do. Until then, she has my support running for office.


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