Having G.A.S

That would be Gear Acquisition Syndrome. This afternoon during luch I decided to walk to a very nice music store near work. They had a 6/12 string double neck guitar I wanted to check out. Not the high end $3000 Gibson, but the low end Epiphone version. It was OK. But a guitar has to blow me away out of the box to even get my attention. They did, however, have a very sweet Les Paul Custom with 3 pickups that was very nice. However, it wasn't $4250 nice.

My problem with gear lately is that the I only like the expensive stuff. And I'm too cheap to pay that much for it. So I do a lot of looking and playing but not much buying. Still, it's fun to play good instruments. I'm at an age as a musician where I know what I want and not to many instruments sound the way I like.

I'm sure the Wife is happy that I'm not bringing home more stuff.


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