Built for Speed

About a week ago I got myself new rollerblades as my old pair was totally hammered. The new ones fit great and I couldn't wait to try them on the road. The first time I tried them out, it seemed that I wasn't going very fast and working very hard. After I put a good 5 miles on them, I took them off and spun the wheels. They stopped very quickly. I compared them to my old skates, and the old ones spun FOREVER. No wonder I was working so hard!

Saturday I brought them back to the shop I purchased them and had them look at them to see if they could be adjusted. It turns out this pair had the lowest end bearings that come on skates. So I did the smart thing and had them upgrade the wheels to a set with better bearings. Not the best there are, since those only come on a larger wheel size.

Father's Day I got a chance to try out the upgraded blades. They were better, but not like my old pair. With the original wheels on my new blades, I barely picked up speed on a downhill. With the upgraded wheels, I pick up some speed. With my old blades, I'd be flying. The new blades are now good, but it feels like the difference between walking and running. However, I get a good workout so they'll do. With new wheels, I also get great grip and don't feel like my skates are going to slide out from under me in the turns.

On a more sombre note, one of the Wife's uncles passed away. She's at the wake tonight and going to the funeral tomorrow. Prayers and good wishes for her and her family are much appreciated.


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