Not Funny and Funny

Two stories I'd like to relate. One I found sad and not funny, the other amused me. You figure out which.

I saw a teaser on the mid-day news that injuries as a result of computers in the home were up, especially among kids. My first thought was repetitive motion injuries, carpel tunnel, etc. The leading cause of computer related injuries? Nope. The injuries are a result of tripping over chords or having equipment falling on you. I'm sure the injury rate is similar to pet related injuries especially for those that own cats that are out to kill you like ours was. I swear she was trying to trip me intentionally when I walked down the stairs.

The second story concerns the NYS Senate. Democrats won control of that legistlative house in November after 40 years of Republican control. This week two Democrats changed parties giving control back to the Republicans. A Republican spokesman stated that now there can "finally" be "meaningful change" in Albany. It appears that the five months they spent in the minority allowed them to realize what they'd been doing wrong for the last 4 decades.

You decide.


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