Tank refilled

A couple of quick things to mention:

1. The Wife was sitting in the chair in front of the computer today in her work skirt and her legs crossed. The skirt had a slit that went up to her knee and she was showing off some leg and calf. Holy shit what a hotty! I wanted to jump her bones right there but the boys were in the next room. I'm still amazed that I'm married to such a babilicious sex kitten. Rowr!

2. Our cat is about 15 years old. Today when the Wife got home with the boys, Grasshopper announced "Mom, there's a dead baby mouse in the house!" She wasn't sure she head him right so she asked him to repeat it and he said the same thing. Sure enough, there was a dead mouse on the hardwood floor. We have no idea how it got in the house but we can only surmise that our cat caught it and left it there. It seems the old girl still has some skills even at that advanced age. After the Wife got home, the cat sat by the front door meowing to go out (which we never let her). We're pretty sure she wanted to go hunt some more.

3. Faith on Fire had a practice tonight to get ready for our gig tomorrow. You know how I've been feeling about the group lately. Our drummer later used an analogy that summed it up for me. He said people have "faith tanks". Sometimes your faith tank gets low and needs to be refilled to keep you going a few more miles. Well, playing music with those guys refilled my faith tank. They really wanted to do one of my new songs and we started playing around with the arrangement, colaborating like a real group! It was very refreshing and recharged my spirit. Serra told me to just ask God and he would give me the answer. Looks like I got the reply pretty quickly.

I'm off now to fill out paperwork to sign the boys up for morning day care during the school year. I really hate filling out paperwork.


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