Need your help, again - UPDATED

UPDATE!!!!! If you haven't read below already, read it first. For those that wish to make a donation via Paypal, I've set up a button to the right that reads Make a Donation. You can send whatever you think may be appropriate for you easily that way. Thanks in again in advance for your generosity.

Before I begin, just some quick blog business. I've linked some new blogs on my roll that I want to acknowledge. In no particular order are, Momcani, Lowa, and The Rambling Muse. Also, I may have given a shout out to her before, but I'll point out Lex. Go read their blogs, they're cool. Plus, they comment here, so that makes them even more cool!

Now, on to the post at hand. I'm asking for a big favor from everyone. I don't like to hit people up for money, unless you offer first, then I'll gladly take it. However, I'm going to ask you guys twice to belly up to the bar, so to speak, both for good causes. I've already mentioned the Walk for Autism Research, but more on that in another post.

This is for a co-worker of The Wife's. She's been through a really tough time lately. Her husband was laid off from his job, and they had to live on one small paycheck for a while, raising 2 girls. It was touch and go for a while, but her husband finally found a good job with benefits. However, in his first week on the new job, he was diagnosed with cancer. And is now out of work getting treated. So while he still has a job, they are again living on one paycheck. They are a proud family that would never ask for anyone to help them. But they are very grateful when others do assist.

Mostly what we've been doing is making dinner for her to take home to the family so she doesn't have to worry about cooking. Other friends are taking the girls to the amusement park and everyone is pitching in. Here's the problem. They live in the City of Rochester. The school district, like a lot of inner cities, isn't very good. In an effort to raise their girls in their Catholic faith and protect them, they've been going to Catholic high school. However, even with tuition assistance, they don't think they can afford to send them this year. It will be the older daughter's senior year and The Wife's co-worker really wants her daughter to graduate from the Catholic school and not have to transfer to the public school for her last year.

SOOOOO, we're working on fund raising efforts to pay the girl's tuition. I'm looking into some sort of fund raising event with the band possibly. We have other ideas as well. HOWEVER, I never did anything with the money I've raised so far from CD sales. I had intended to use it for the music ministry at church, but there's been so much drama there lately that I wanted to wait. I've decided to use the money to help out the girls instead.

So I'm asking anyone that hasn't bought a CD, please do so. 100% of the money will go to the girls tuition fund. If you have one already, please consider buying another one. I wouldn't normally go out here and beg people to buy something I've created. To be serious for a moment, modesty prevents me from bragging too much about myself and my musical ability so I only mention the CD to people that ask about my music and never push for a sale. But now I'm pushing because it isn't for me.

If you would like to make a donation in some other manner, please email me and we can arrange something. This is a case of helping out a fellow Catholic because it's the right thing to do. I ask nothing for myself and need no thanks. It's the least I can do. The Lord bless you in advance.


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