Rocking for the Rock

Faith on Fire played it's first real gig on Friday. We played at our church Country Fair, which is one of the major fundraising events of the year. We have food and games and a big raffle and it's a pretty good time. We got to play for about an hour over by the beer sales. Great place to position yourself if you're a band.

We did about an hour set. Overall it went well, though we made a few minor mistakes. As they say, it's only rock and roll. The crowd seemed to enjoy the show. I was very sweaty by the end of the hour, so it was a good show for me. And I didn't even break a string.

The rest of the weekend has been pretty mellow. We got all of our "weekend" errands done yesterday, grocery shopping, yardwork, etc. I got a few outdoor projects complete that I've been sitting on for a while. Today, we decided to go to a place called Ridge Road Station. They primarily sell model trains, including the big scale ones. However, the also sell other toys and have a year round Christmas shop. The boys enjoyed looking at trains and Legos. The Wife walked out with a few Christmas ornaments. Worse, she got the two sided poster/catalog of all the glass ornaments that company puts out. Sounds like it could be dangerous for my pocket book.

The other major thing this weekend was buying the Wife a new chair. We redecorated the family room about a year ago and got a nice brown leather couch. The chair we have is an old rocker/recliner that is green cloth. Doesn't really go. So we found a nice cream colored one in leather that does go. And most importantly, the Wife likes it. She's very particular about her chair and it has to fit just right. We've passed up many a comfy looking chair because she sat in it and went "hummf", the sound she makes when she's obviously underwhelmed. We pick it up on Wednesday.

Hopefully sometime this week I'll post another installment of the Wife Saga. We'll see how tired I am after the boys go to bed, which is prime writing time.


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