Need an opinion

Ok everyone, I'm looking for some opinions here. I've got the "itch". When my dad had the "itch" he'd come home with a new car. I am not so insane. However, when I get the "itch", I tend to come home with a new guitar. Now, in order not to have that new instrument broken over my head, I cannot bring one home without giving up another one. I'm (somewhat) tempted to sell my pink Ibanez (pictured on the left). It's a good guitar, but it's not quite perfect, like my Yamaha is perfect. I really like the color and the locking tremelo, but it still doesn't quite have the sound I'm looking for.

So, the question becomes, should I sell it and get this:

So what do you guys think? I'd have to play one first to make sure I like it, but I've played Flying V's in the past and am amenable. I already know what the Wife thinks. She'd just be happy to get rid of "that homosexual guitar".


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