Not feeling the love

I don't normally talk about work. But I was a little frustrated yesterday and feeling very disrespected. We recently merged with another company and have been discussing integrating our IT structures. In many ways, our company is ahead of the one we merged with, both in the operating system we're running on the desktop and the security features we've enabled. For our servers, we're also very far ahead of them in security and configuration. To be fair to them, they are ahead of us in other areas, such as some of the newer applications they're running that would work better for us.

Yesterday, there was a big meeting off site for all IT managers to discuss our new corporate culture, get to know each other, and try to brainstorm ideas to move the organization forward. The titles we give our "managers" are different than those our sister company uses. My counterpart is a "manager". I and my server counterpart at our company are "supervisors". Well, you need to be a "manager" to go to this. So guess who was not invited? That's right, the two of us. Our counterparts are there and we are not. Because we're "supervisors" and over there "supervisors" don't actually have any supervisory responsibility. Normally I don't get hung up on titles, but I was pissed about this. I was really annoyed most of the day.

However, one of my peers in another area (outside of IT, who probably in the org chart is higher up on the food chain than me), made me feel a hell of a lot better. I did some minor things to help her and her team out. You should have seen the praise she was heaping on me. I usually just let it roll off me, as it's just me doing my job, but it was nice to be appreciated.

I thought about it today as I had to see this person again on some othe issues and she told me how happy she was that I was involved. My normal mode of operation is to take care of the correct people in the organization. I know which teams are critical to the business, and as long as you treat me with respect, then I'll do everything I can to hook you up. As I always say, it's about reciprocity. Not that I expect favors for just doing my job well, but it is nice for the people you go out of your way for to acknowledge it and say thanks.

I think I and my team earned a good reputation at my company with the people we support. Our feedback is very positive and our users are very understanding when we can't resolve thier issues right away. I'm thinking that this is the best way for me to get ahead in the company. Cause I'm pretty confident that the right people consider my a "go to" guy to get things done. And when conversations start happening between the two companies and people start making comparisons of the level of service they get, people will know the kind of work I do. Cause one thing I will not do is kiss anyone's ass or go on about myself in front of my boss or the CIO. I don't play that game.

HOWEVER, I am thinking of going to our HR department to point out that this disparity in titles between the two organizations may be causeing some friction or at least confusion. You know, confidentially. And being that I've hooked up the HR department many times in the past and have a excellent working relationship with the particular manager I'd need to speak to, I think they'll at least listen and take my suggestion seriously.

And THAT'S one of the reasons you always take care of the HR staff. Cause you never know when you might need a favor.


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