It's a little bit funny....

I had a strange after-effect of my last post. I had to be in the correct mood to write it, as it dredged up some unpleasant memories. However, after writing it, I've been oddly peaceful the last two days. It's as if putting that stuff down in words released a lot of the emotions tied to the memories. Case in point: shortly after finishing the post, Grasshopper called out for something from bed (as he usually does 2-3 times a night). Most nights I get very annoyed as he's impinging on "my" time. However, that night, I just asked him what he wanted and reminded him that this was my "rest" time so he needed to go to sleep. He accepted that explanation and settled down. Now in the last two days, I haven't yelled at the kids and am taking things more in stride.

Mind you, I've still been disciplining the kids for the same things. I just don't yell about it. I state the rules, the consequences for breaking them, and then enforce the consequence if necessary. And I don't listen to the kids when the bitch. It's been kind of liberating. So I shall continue to try this approach. I've been quite relaxed the last couple of days and it's been nice.

In a totally unrelated issue, the Wife has decided to become a Longaberger consultant to earn some extra income for things like karate lessons. So if you're into great looking baskets made by hand in the U S of A, then email me. I'll give you the Wife's new business email address and please order through her. There's a big sale for September so she can get you some deals.

Also, today Maverick earned his yellow belt! He's quite pleased with himself, as he should be. He's been working hard and is really taking to it. He likes it a lot.

Lastly, I'm sure some of you recognize the song line the title of the post comes from. What you don't know is that Funny was my nickname for a while as a kid. One of the people I hung out with always thought of me when he heard that line, so he would sing it whenever he saw me. Not really sure why it struck him that way, but given my eventual desire to be different, it was probably an appropriate nickname.


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