Not what Aimee was looking for

I had fully intended to write the next chapter in the ongoing "Wife" saga, catching everyone up to the present. But now I don't feel like it.

All was going well today until Grasshopper and I butted heads. I had asked him to do something, and he "forgot" because he was watching TV. When he gave me this excuse, I began to say something to him, and before I got two words out, he launched into a series of excuses without even stopping. That's when I lost it.

He has a bad habit of interrupting people and then he won't shut up until he's said whatever it is he has to say. He'll keep interjecting with "But I only wanted to say....". He needs to learn the art of listening and that he doesn't get to say whatever pops into his head the second he thinks it.

I know that he's seven. I know that he's autistic. But that doesn't make it any less annoying or any less an unacceptable behavior. So basically I ain't in the mood to write. And this will be a LONG post.

PLUS, since I had to leave work early to take Grasshopper to the dentist (only on cavity in a tooth about to fall out), I had to put in some time logged into work from home to make up some hours. So I've spent too much time on the computer today and don't want no more. You guys are lucky I'm even posting this.

So I'm off to grab my book and loose myself in the wonderful world of Sci Fi. I promise to write the next chapter in the saga very soon. So unlike Mr. Grasshopper, you must be patient.


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