Wife of Wonder

I would like to take an opportunity to tell everyone how cool my wife is and how much I love her. Not for any special reason, but because of the little things she does. We had time off next week scheduled for each of us to watch the boys since their babysitter is going back to school. I had Monday to Wednesday, she had Thursday and Friday. A thing came up at work that may have required my pressence on Monday. She cleared changing vacation days if I needed it so I'd be home Thursday and she'd be home Monday, no sweat. She does stuff like that all the time even though I can be self absorbed and sometimes put my stuff ahead of her and the kids (*cough*, music, *cough*).

So again, I want to publicly acknowledge the little lady, genuflect on humbled knee, and kiss her cute little toes for being so good to me in many things even though I don't deserve it.

And no, I'm not sucking up, she needs to be told how wonderful she is since I probably don't tell her enough.

Love you, babe!


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