Maverick Update

For those of you following Maverick's baseball saga, he played a double header today. First at bat, we was swinging at the ball. He struck out, but that's ok. Our goal is to be swinging. He had two more at bats and backed out against those pitchers. We're still working on it but not there yet. I made sure to encourage him and let him know he's improving.

Maverick also enjoys golf. I bought him his first set of clubs this weekend. The pro shop at the county golf course where he takes lessons is awesome. They recommended we purchase used clubs and they would cut them so that the would be a little long this year and perfect next year. The shop recommended a 3 wood, two irons, a wedge, and a putter. Cost: $8 per club. That's right, $40 for a set of clubs. And they'll try to find me an inexpensive bag. They rock. I'm thinking perhaps next summer concentrate on golf more as it's "low impact". No worries about being hit in the head with a wild shot.

I feel bad for my younger boy. He mentioned to me this weekend that I never do anything just with him. Of course, he's not quite ready for sports. However, I'll be doing cub scouts with him come the start of the school year. My wife will go to scouting events with Maverick to even things out. Hopefully we can also start the younger boy in karate. We spoke to his social worker and may be able to get reimbursed for the cost if it can be justified as beneficial with his diagnosis with PDD. We're hoping his OT will recommend it for us. If so, I believe I'll call him Grasshopper. However, no nickname as of yet.

I'll keep you posted!


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