New Family Room and Updates

New Family Room

Here's the picture I promised our our new family room. The cream color on the wall also extends into the kitchen as it's one continuous space. We're very happy with the result. Now we just need something to go over the fireplace. The picture of the boys we had up there before has a dark frame and would be lost in the color so we're looking at artwork. We'll move the picture to one of the cream walls where it will stand out better.

Several new updates on the music front. My date in the studio last Saturday fell apart so I've rescheduled for Friday. Hopefully now that summer's done I can ramp it up and finish the project. I think the Wife is kind of looking forward to me wrapping it up. However, so am I. As I mentioned previously, I've got some lost jems I've posted on my website. They're linked on the Music Samples page and are Follow Me, Remember When, and Beg and Plead.

Also, I've colaborated once again with the fabulously talented Lois Lane to create a new song entitled Thank You Lord. The link will allow you to download the song. As always, it is copyrighted by Lois and myself, so if you wish to make any money on it, just give us a cut and we're cool. I think Lois will be pleased with the result, and I know she likes my treatment of her lyrics. As a reward for doing such a good job, she's sent me more lyrics to put to music. If we're going to continue to colaborate like this, I think Lois is going to have to move to Rochester. She can stay at my place until the Wife threatens to divorce me or until she gets settled, whichever comes first.

On the kids front, we're going to meet the boys teachers today. School starts next Wednesday. That time is upon us again. We've got an organizational meeting for Maverick's cub scout den tomorrow. Things are ramping up quickly. Maverick also starts playing sax this year, just like his old man. There was no encouragement on my part on picking an instrument, with the exception of suggesting drums. I think he'd be very good at it. Grasshopper will be starting cub scouts this year as well. I'll keep everyone posted once the year starts.


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