Weekend Doings

Had a busy weekend. Saturday we finally had the garage sale I've been trying to set up since we moved into the new house a year ago. I managed to get rid of a lot of large items that the kids no longer play with. It was very satisfying. I probably didn't do as well as Lane 2, but from what Lois describes, I think very few people could. She's a garage sale machine.

Sunday was spent cleaning and doing all the things I normally do Saturday but couldn't due to the garage sale. I got on a roll early and managed to keep up the motivation all day to get everything done. Also a relief to get the house caught up. The only thing that remains is to re-organize the garage and basement, but those can wait for another weekend.

On a separate note, I discovered the Wife is very effective at keeping me in line. I woke up in a bit of a crabby mood on Saturday. I'm not much of a morning person as it is, and when you throw rambunctious kids in the mix, the results can be less than desired. My wife told me simply, "I'd have thought you'd be in a better mood after getting Queen tickets. That lasted all of 24 hours."

Ouch! I felt like a puppy that got smacked on the nose with a newspaper. However, as usual, the little lady was right. I think I behaved much better the rest of the weekend. I really need to work on that, but I'm a little spoiled right now. The boys have a babysitter during the summer so weekday mornings I don't have to get them ready for day care. I can get ready and eat breakfast in peace and get out of the house before anyone gets up. Much more to my liking.

Next weekend (Thursday through Saturday to be exact) the older boy and I are going to Cub Scout Adventure Camp. Should be a lot of fun. I'll take pictures and post them next week. Also, before I disappear for a few days, I'll post the answers to some interview questions that Jude gave me. They were quite thought provoking, at least for me. The last question was a stumper so I have to think about the answer a little more before posting them.

The Wife has begun planning our trip to NYC. The biggest problem we're going to have is that we need at least a week to see everything we'd like to see and we'll have about a day and a half. I'll post updates as our plans solidify.


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