Creativity in action

We interrupt this normally scheduled post for a quick public service announcement. The Wife and I are organizing an Autism Walk for next month. For those that are not aware, Grasshopper was diagnosed with PDD-NOS (Pervasive Developmental Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified), which is a broad category for Autism spectrum disorders. He's high functioning, which means you would have trouble knowing he's autistic if you didn't know what you were looking for. We're organizing a walk to raise money and awareness. I'll be posting details soon if you wish to help out, either with our walk or to organize your own! Stay tuned.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program. I'm heading into the studio Saturday to work on Voice of the Spirit. One of the things I need to do is a lead track for Matthew 7:25. I had one all worked out that I had been practicing for the last 2 months. I was very happy with it. However, last night (at about 11pm no less) I decided to finally play it against my demo track without a lead to see how it fit.

One time through was enough for me to realize - IT WAS HORRIBLE AND DIDN'T GO AT ALL! AAAAAAAAH! So I am now coming up with something totally different. I got a few ideas last night and need to work out the kinks this week. Normally, I would be sweating. However, this project has been one where God has inspired me so many times in the studio, I'm not worried. Many of the tracks were things I hadn't planned on or thought about, but came to me as I recorded it. The Spirit is working through me on this CD and I know worst case, something brilliant will come to me on Saturday.

It did strike me as a bit amusing how the creative process can work. Some ideas sound great, until you really start to work them out and then you find out they're really bad. You then end up going in a totally different direction and end up with something totally different. I'm Coming Home is a perfect example for me. I had this big idea of this powerful song with guitar, bass, drums and all kinds of stuff. Until I tried recording the tracks and nothing seemed to fit. So now it's stripped to guitar, a very subdued bass, and keyboard tracks. Guitar solo is gone, piano fills are in. And the song has a whole new flavor that I originally intended.

How about you other artists out there? Do you get the same thing?

I'll update everyone next week on how recording went. If all goes well, I'll need 2 or 3 more sessions to finish recording tracks, then go into mix down.


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