Adventure Camp

Wow, what a hectic couple of days. Let me begin by saying that Cub Scout Adventure Camp was a blast, both for me and the older boy. Pictures can be found here. We spent Thursday, Friday, and Saturday there and were exhausted at the end. The camp was divided up into 5 villages base primarily on age: High Seas, Frontier Fort, Medieval Castle, Native American, and Mountain Man. High Seas people got to sleep in wooden ships, Frontier Fort in a fort, Medieval Castle in a castle, Native American in teepees, and Mountain Man in tents. We were in the Native American village and slept in a teepee, which was totally cool.

We arrived Thursday afternoon and were greeted by Cory, one of our village counselors. Cory struck me as interesting right off the bat since his hair was cut in a “high and tight” style that was dyed neon green. We also met Krissy, our other counselor. They were both awesome to work with and were great with the kids. We began by taking our swim test, not that we needed to since we’d already taken it back in May, but because it was 90 degrees and too freaking hot. The dip cooled us off nicely. The first day was mostly unpacking and getting to know the place. We had a big campfire with the entire camp the first night and the staff put on skits and sang songs.

The next day was filled with arts and crafts, archery, swimming, boating, and shooting (BB guns that is). Older boy made a dream catcher he’s quite proud of. He loved archery and got pretty good at it by the end of the day. We had open time after dinner and we went back down to the range, he enjoyed it so much. We got to use a canoe during boating time and had a sponge war. The tossed a whole bunch of sponges in the lake and the object was to get everyone else as wet as you could. Great fun on a hot day. That, however, was quite tiring so the dip in the pool afterwards was very refreshing. Shooting was fun as well, though we didn’t do as well on that as archery. Parents were allowed to shoot the bows and guns, so that was a lot of fun for me as well. After dinner, we practiced our shooting/archery skills and then had a campfire in our village. I brought the smores fixings and was a hit with all the kids. Marshmallows for all! We ended the night by going to an astronomy presentation, where a staff member pointed out all kinds of constellations. Being in the county, you get to see a whole lot more stars than in the city with all the background light. Plus, we saw a bunch of shooting stars.

Saturday was the same overall schedule as Friday. During village time the boys made chokers and played Native American games, during archery we shot at balloons (I managed to pop mine!), during boating we played Moby Dick (they tossed plastic animals in the water for us to pick up, each worth points), and during shooting the boys tried to earn a patch by shooting at a target. After dinner, we ended with another big campfire with everyone and the kids put on skits and sang songs.

All in all it was a totally rocking couple of days. I’ll probably need a few more to recover from it. Sunday should have been my recovery day but with church and a double header baseball game for Older Boy, it didn’t happen. Oh well, rest is highly over rated anyway.

On a completely different note, I owe interview questions to a few of you. I promise I haven’t forgotten. I’ll get them out this week. The baseball schedule is going to change and I won’t know what it is until tonight. Thanks for the well wishes on our camping adventure everyone!


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