Post about Lots of Things

I had a bunch of little things I wanted to say, so I thought I'd throw them all in one post as a big mish/mash of ideas. So forgive me if it seems like I'm bouncing around, because I am.

- Maverick had a double header tonight. One of his coaches spent 45 mintues alone with him before the game working on hitting. The result, 2 at bats, two strike outs, but HE WENT DOWN SWINGING! Swung at 2 out of the three strikes each time. Additionally, his fielding was awesome. He was on top of things and never let the ball get by him. By far his best game in a long time. He received many high fives and pats on the back both from myself and his coaches. Maverick is getting back to his old form.

- For those of you who's blogs I read (that is everyone on my side bar, and a couple I haven't put there yet), please forgive me if it looks like I'm not commenting on your blogs as much as I used to. I'm starting to get into blog overload (more to read that I have time for, but somehow manage to read anyway). So I'm now commenting only when I really have something to say. I basically have time to read or comment, but not both, at least not for everyone. So if I don't comment, it doesn't mean I don't love you any more, or that your blog is less important than someone elses, just that I don't have anything constructive to add to the conversation. Really, I'm not reading any other blogs on the side. I was only glancing at them. It's ok to look and not read, right? Cmon, don't be sore...

- I must geek out for a moment. Part of my job as Help Desk Supervisor is to test out new technology. We've been testing the HP TC1100 tablet PC and I absolutely LOVE IT! We set it up with a wireless internet card and it is so awesome. Combined with Microsoft OneNote, you can write on it like a notebook or flip it to use the keyboard like a laptop. Right now my team is testing it and I miss it so! I want it back so I can play with it more! Also, we're testing out a software application that will reduce the number of PC images we maintain from 24 down to 8. For those that know, images are usually hardware specific (at least specific to the chip set of the machine). This software allows you to create a hardware neutral image that you can use on any machine, regadless of type, desktop, laptop, whatever. It discovers the hardware drivers once you image it. We're talking about saving hundreds of man hours per year as well as more consistant images. It totally rocks! Ok, now ends the geek moment.

- I just recieved some new CDs and they are so cool! I'm listening to the new Stryper CD, Reborn (shut up! Stryper is totally cool. Rocking for Jesus Rules!) It's a totally awesome CD. It's for sure going into heavy rotation in my CD player. I also got Force It by UFO (oldie but goodie. Michael Schenker is the best guitarist you never heard of). Also totally rocks, but in a 70s rock way. I also got Joe Satriani's Surfing with the Alien on CD. I have it on vinyl, but just got around to getting it on CD. Greatest guitar instrumental album every written. Just buy all three CDs and be done with it! You won't be sorry!

- I downloaded some interesting software that let's you write sheet music. All the songs I've written are in the format of lyrics with chords on top. It would be nice to have it actually written out as sheet music that a piano could accompany. I downloaded 4 freeware applications I need to test. I'm looking forward to trying them out.

- I met with the other adults (there are actually only three of us) in my group for Sunday Mass (like I said, rocking for Jesus rules!). We were at a crossroads in our musical direction. We took the time to kind of work it out and figure out where we're going. Now that we're on the same page, we need to bring the teenagers in the group around. Or more specifically, reign them in. They have plenty of exuberance and engery, but need to focus it. We've also set up some basic ground rules. My favorite is no put downs. Offenders have to do "teapot". Which means they have to do the "I'm a little teapot" song, including the gestures, in front of the group. I've been told it only takes one person doing it to make everyone else in the group afraid of this punishment. I SOOOO want to be able to use that one on one of the teens. And get pictures and video.

- I have some new links on my sidebar. I'd like to welcome Renee and Morgan. It's great to have new readers and more blogs to read. However, please see the above bullet on my commenting and reading blogs. They have great sites, so check them out!

Well, that's all I got right now. It's getting near bed time and I'm pooped. Sleep tight everyone. Be good, kiss someone good night, and don't do anything I would. Yes, I mean you. You know who you are.


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