Weight finally lifted

This weekend was our annual Cub Scout Blue and Gold Dinner. We commemorate the birth of Cub Scouting with a nice dinner, a few ceremonies, and entertainment for the kids. This year's has been a huge source of stress for me. For those that remember one of my early posts, a major blowup occurred back in October time frame on the planning of this event. We had many adults yelling at each other and resorting to childish antics which resulted in me firing off a diatribe putting my foot down and squashing all further discussion on the event. For those that know my management style, being heavy handed and micromanaging are not in my vocabulary (unless I'm forced into it). I hated doing it but it needed to be done. The down side was that I couldn't wait to get rid of the job.

Well, the Blue and Gold dinner went fabulously! I made sure to pat the organizers on the back several times throughout the evening. However, on my end, that was the last major function I had to worry about as Cubmaster. I will be turning over the job in April and have only to plan some ceremonies for the final meeting of the year. Yeah! I took the job only because no one else would do it and I didn't want the pack to fold, which it would have without a cubmaster. However, I never liked the job. And because of that, I didn't do it as well as I could have which was a dis-service to the boys. I'm definately looking forward to being a parent again.

On another note, my wife found an interesting autism site that has what appears to be a good message board. I checked it briefly but need to dig into it further. For those interested, the URL is www.autism-pdd.net. We're still looking for a good support group. We're going to give the local one another try as perhaps they don't always go like the one I attended. You can read my earlier rant for details on that one. One encouraging thing I read from a Newsweek article is that ADHD kids can grow up to be very successful if they manage their "disorder". It spoke of turning it into a strength. There are many CEOs, doctors, etc with ADHD. They say that the things that make thier attention move between different things helps them think out of the box. ADHD kids also tend to be more creative (I know my boys are WAY more creative than I or my wife). These are skills they can use to be successful.


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