Rant of the Day


Congress is really getting in my nerves today. Here's a link to ABC News with the article that's getting my dander up. Some of you may have heard of the Terry Schiavo case. She's been in a vegetative state since about 1990 with no hope of recovery. Her husband says she would not have wanted to live this way and wants to remove the feeding tube that is keeping her alive. Her family disagrees. All of the courts have said her husband has the right to make these decisions for her. Now the latest thing is that Congress has issued subpoenas to halt him from removing the feeding tube today. Not only that, the Senate has required the woman appear before them. Hello! What's she going to tell you! She hasn't talked in over a decade!

Everything is just delaying tactics. Now, before I rant on, let me state that as a Christian I can't condone the taking of a life. However, if I were in the same situation, I would hope my wife wouldn't leave me in that kind of state until I died of old age. My big problem is that Congress is wasting time on this. By this I mean that Congressman are going to take time to have meetings, ask stupid questions, and posture in front of the media. With all the major issues plagueing our nation today, health insurance, war, poverty, education, etc. What good is it going to do to intervene in this case? The courts have made their rulings. Even the Supreme Court declined to get involved. It's over, people.

Now, I feel bad for the woman's family. They keep holding on to hope, but the reality is they need to let go. They're not going to get their daughter back. I don't want to sound cold hearted or anything but what is this accomplishing for them? The other big issue here is spousal rights. I love my parents very much but let's face it. My wife knows me far better than they do. I've told her things I would never tell my parents in a million years. I wouldn't want some court to tell my wife she couldn't speak for me if I were unable to. That's kind of the point of marriage.

My other big problem is that this whole process is just prolonging the suffering for everyone involved. I'm fairly confident that in the end, the husband will prevail and the feeding tube will be removed. How devestated will this family be because they've drawn this thing out for so long. There's really no winners here. And Congress should keep it's nose out of this thing and stop the circus it's become.


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