He is Risen!

He is Risen Indeed!

Happy Easter everyone! The above is thanks to our Pastor's homily yesterday. He mentioned a Greek tradition on Easter where someone shouts to his neighbor across the way He is Risen! The neighbor then shouts back He is Risen indeed! Our pastor then had one section in the church stand and shout the He is risen, another section stand and shout He is risen indeed, and a third section stand and shout Alleluia. It was great!

Hope everyone out there had a happy Easter. We spent Good Friday at my mom's doing the traditional Italian seafood thing. More shrimp than you could shake a stick at. I think we emptied the Atlantic ocean on our dinner table. Linguine with red clam sauce (mussels actually). At, a small slice of heaven. We spent Easter at my aunt's and feasted on lamb. Very enjoyable. The weather was perfect this weekend. We all got out on Saturday to get some exercise. Spring is finally breaking here in New York. The boys rode their bikes/scooters. I got on my rollerblades for the first time this season. I definitely missed them over the winter. I got hooked on blading about 2 years ago. Some days I could blade until by legs give out.

Today at work is meeting day. I had about 2 hours this morning and about 45 minutes for lunch otherwise it's been all meetings today. Maybe later this week I'll actually get some work done. I also need to put some music time in this week. I've got 4 weeks to go before my new music group actually has to play at a Mass and we need more rehearsal time and had to scrap some songs. Now we need to come up with new ones. Also, I've got studio time booked this Saturday and need to work on some guitar leads for my songs. It's going to be a musical weekend so I'll probably be in the doghouse a little with the wife. Still, she's been very understanding.

My wife and I got some nice autism related merchandise last week. We got some wrist bands similar to the Live Strong ones everyone's wearing that say Think Autism, Think Cure. I wear mine as a reminder to be patient with my younger guy. We also got nice Autism ribbon lapel pins and my wife got one of those magnetic ribbons for her car. I'll post the link to the site later this week.


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