All parents should know this!

This story was on our local tv station last night (WHAM TV). It deals with one of our local high schools that is in danger of loosing federal funding money. Why you migh ask? It turns out the the "No Child Left Behind Act" requires, yes REQUIRES, that high schools provide contact information for ALL students to the Department of Defense for recruiting purposes.

You have absolutely no idea how outraged I was. The school was trying to protect their students privacy and subitting contact information only for those students interested in joining the armed forces. My oldest son is only in 3rd grade but I don't want the DOD to have his contact information for any reason, especially to try to recruit him.

Mind you, I'm ex-Navy, so I've served in the armed forces. I have nothing against the armed forces or recruiters. However, even though I spent time in the military, I don't want my sons to join. If they really want to, I won't stop them, but I will encourage them to look at other options. I certainly don't want a recruiter calling my sons unsolicted, which they are doing. One thing I do know about recruiters, they will say anything and promise you whatever you want to hear to get you to sign up to meet their quota. Any recruiter that tells you different is lying.

I'm going to be writing my senators and congressman about this issue, that's how strongly I feel. At a minimum, parents should have the option of removing their children's name from the list provided to the DOD. That whole Law was a bad idea and the more I learn about it the worse it is. I encourage every parent out there to contact thier congressional representatives and complain about this law. Because if we don't, it won't ever go away. It's an unwarrented invasion of our children's privacy and worse than any telemarketer. At least a telemarketer won't encourage you to get a job that might get you killed.


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