Pet Peeve

Let me begin by saying that again, I've been getting so busy at work I can't get my personal stuff done. I hate that! I barely have time to read a blog let alone write. As it is now I'm pushing aside work I should be doing during my lunch and goofing off instead. Yeah, right, goofing off on my time.

Anway, my real pet peeve has to do with telemarketers. Not just them in genereal. Usually if a telemarketer calls and asks for me or my wife I tell them we're not available. Most don't believe me, I think, but are polite enough to go away. I understand they're doing their job so I at least try to politely reject them.

Last night, a telemarketer called me and started speaking to me directly in Spanish. Now, mind you, I do have a Spanish sounding last name. However, I find it rude and presumptuous to assume that I'm Latino and speak Spanish simply because my last name could be Spanish. I'm actually full-blooded Italian. My parents are off the boat from the same small town near Naples, and I was conceived in Italy. They don't get more Italian without being born there (which I nearly was). Maybe I'm being a little sensitive but I find it offensive and an insult to my heritage for someone I don't know from Adam start speaking a foriegn language at me. It's right up there with bank tellers calling my by my first name instead of addressing me as Mr. Franco. It assumes a closeness that doesn't exist and isn't professional. And I'm all about professionalism, baby!

Top it off last night, I was tired from work and in a crabby mood (I'm sure my wife will confirm). So I did something I don't normally do, I hung up on the person while they were talking. They're lucky I was too annoyed already to cuss them out and then hang up.

Anyway, I better get back to work. I've wasted half my lunch our on myself instead of being a good little corporate guy and devoting my entire day to business.


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