I hit a milestone today! I finally broke through the 19 mph average on my bike. I'd been averaging around 18.8 mph on my road rides and I just couldn't seem to get any higher. Today, I rode a little over 10 miles in 31 minutes for a 19.3 mph average! Don't know if I can sustain that but I've got all winter to keep working on my stamina.
Also today the band played at Mass and I got to do one of the things I truly enjoy, making music for the Lord with my band. It was a very spiritual undertaking and it never fails to put me in the right frame of mind.
I'm going to try and let those good feelings take me through the rest of the evening as I plod through a paper I'm writing. It's due next Wednesday but the research is going painfully slow. So I'll keep thinking of the positve and plugging away at it.
Ride AND Rock On people.


Kate said…
I love great days like this! Congratulations on the great time on your bike (that's impressive) and it's so wonderful to share what you love to do with others!
sydwynd said…
Kate: Thanks. Given all the stress yesterday working on my paper, a good ride sure helped.
Jude said…
Your music is spiritually uplifting for you, and your riding takes care of the physical part. I'd say you're in a very good place Vince. Congratulations on the milestone!
sydwynd said…
Jude: Thanks! I'm better today but dang tired. Brain didn't want to shut down last night when I went to bed.

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