5 Minute Post

I've decided to try something I'm stealing from Julz. She gets total credit for the idea. It's the idea of taking 5 minutes a day (at least) to blog something. I actually look forward to checking out a blog again on a daily basis. How many bloggers are doing that any more? Saves me the trouble of trying to do a drawn out post (unless I really have something to say) and gives me a reason to keep the blog going.

So what to post? So many little things have been going on that I could talk about. As you probably know, taking courses can really stress me out. Between my over achieving to get good grades and sudden perfectionist streak, I can shut everything out and obsess on it.

So, anyway, recently, my obsessivness and general crankiness if I'm stressing on school caused the Wife to put a comment on one of my Facebook posts that said "Not sure which will come first, the degree or the divorce." Let me tell you, that really hurt. Like, kick me when I'm down kind of hurt. I was bummed for like 2 days after that. Then she made a comment to me that I couldn't talk to her children the way I had been. Another kick in the teeth.

Unfortunately, she was right in that I can get really crabby over this stuff. Which I'm trying to work on. I realized yesterday that there are times of the day I REALLY need to stay away from the computer. I have a paper due next week and was trying to get a bunch of research done so I started working on it after dinner. And was working on it during the kids' bed time. They're not the easiest to get ready for bed since they bounce off the walls. So much yelling ensued (from both of us) and today, over my bleary eyed tiredness, I realized I should have shut my laptop lid and let the research be until the boys were in bed. Today was easier since we had a scout meeting so I didn't even boot up the laptop until the boys were in bed.

So I keep working at it. There are days I'm tired of teaching myself an MBA (which is what online courses feel like) and just want to quit, and there's other times I think it's only a little over a year and I can finish what I started. I'll let you know next December if it was worth it.

Was that 5 min?


Jude said…
Sorry I'm so late getting here Vince, it's been craaazy!

I love the 5 minute blog post thing, and it's great to see you posting here so frequently. I just might have to incorporate that into my life too. :-)

I can understand where your stress levels can get to you like they do. Hopefully you'll find that balance and home life will be easier for all of you. :-)

Keep the faith Rocker Guy, you'll get there AND you'll find it was worth it next December I'll bet.

sydwynd said…
Jude: I'm trying. But there are some days I just can't get into it and would much rather just hang out and do nothing.
Jude said…
I'm extremely sympathetic to that. The older I get the more I need a day or 2 a week where I can do nothing if that's what I feel like....

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