On a political issue

This being election eve, I thought I would talk about a "political" issue not directly related to the election. Someone asked in a comment on a previous post what I thought about my friend and her commitment ceremony. To be clear, she and her partner, also a female, had a commitment ceremony in a chapel, presided over by a priest. It was not a wedding, and they were not married in the Catholic church. We had a great reception afterwards. The next day, the headed to Canada and were legally married there in a civil ceremony. Current NYS laws supposedly should recognize this legal union.

So how do I feel about this? I actually discussed this during the reception (very quietly, of course) with one of the other band members and his wife. (One of the brides is my bandmate.) There was some good back and forth. They both had some trouble with the ceremony. They both love our bandmate dearly, but are not sure that gay marriage (or legal unions) are consitant with our Catholic faith. They find it hard in that it's now personal, not just about a vague "them". In the end, I think they're very torn. One of them said something to the effect that is it truly "married" love, or was it more a friendship kind of love confused as something deeper?

So, how do I feel about this? I thought the ceremony was beautiful. My pal was simply radiant. I mean, she looked like she was glowing. I've never seen her so happy. She reminded me of the way I felt when I got married.

Still wondering what I really think? It's very simply this. I don't see how I can judge another couple's happiness. I'm fully in favor of legal marriage between two people. Period. Legal marriage has certain legal rights associated with it that should be enjoyed by anyone wanting to enter into that relationship. As far as religious marriage, each denomination should decide for itself whether they wish to offer that Sacrament to thier congregation. The Catholic church believes the Sacrament of Marriage is reserved for men and women only.

And me personally? I really don't know what God intends. I could take the view of most biblical scholars and say homosexuality is a sin. But then I have a problem judging other people that way. I prefer to err on the side of love and happiness. My bandmate is obviously in love and very happy. Is it wrong? I'll let God figure that out and treat my bandmate the same way as I always have. Based on her actions. Not by who she prefers to sleep with.


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