Not a Useless Bitch

I was reading a post over at Pandora's place where she linked to a post she did at Ornery Women. My comment reminded me of a great story. I'll let you go and get the story of what a Useless Bitch is, but suffice it to say this is a shining example of why the Wife is neither.

Back when we moved to Virginia Beach, we bought ourselves our first home and less than a month after moving in, I deployed overseas for 6 months. This left the Wife to fend for herself for 6 months without the opportunity to make a lot of new friends. Any issues that came up, she had to deal with on her own. I must say, she was quite successful at it. A short list of achievements: changing the oil on her car on her own, managing to get a 100 pound microwave cart box from the car into the house AND assembling it (we still have it BTW), and figuring out how to reset power breakers.

The last is even more an accomplishment. The microwave had a tendency to trip the breaker whenever you turned it on with the fridge running. The first time it happened, she had no idea what to do. So she called a buddy of mine assigned to a different ship that was in port and asked him what to do. HE DIDN'T KNOW! When she related this to me I was flabbergasted that a male of the species did not know something as simple as how to reset a breaker that was in the trip free position. To the Wife's credit, she did the smart thing. Turned the breaker off, then turned it on. And lo, there was power, and much rejoicing.

So count the Wife among the Useful People. She's got mad skilz.


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