I Done Doed It

Today I got the letter in the mail, the one I've been waiting for. It was from Empire State College. I almost didn't want to open it, but did. First word in the letter (after they got my name backward and called me Mr. Vincenzo) was Congratulations!

That's right, I've been accepted to the MBA program at Empire State College. Assuming something crazy doesn't happen, I'll be starting in the spring semester. I've been assigned a mentor to help with my program. I've emailed her on next steps. I was sweating a little bit tongiht because the letter indicated something about heading to Saratoga Springs for 2 days for a "residency" course. Since I plan on studying on line, I began to fret that the MBA program required on site study. I did some digging on the web site and found the statement in the MBA area about being able to study primarily on line. PHEW! So now I wait for a response from the professor.

Who would have thought that I'd be giddy and actually looking forward to spending the next 4 years of my life busting my ass during every free moment I have? Probably spending each night after the kids go to bed working and studying? But one of my co-workers probably said it best. I was talking to her about my plans and she said I just lit up when I talked about it. I'm really excited about the start of what may be a new chapter in my life. Luckily I have the support of the Wife and kids and I have no problem putting all of my other interests basically on hold for a while.

Now begins all the work required to get registered and approved through work to get reimbursed for the courses. Yup, my employer will be paying a big part of the bill. Reimbursement is based on grades, but I expect to get VERY good grades. If the Navy taught me one thing, it's how to study. And I'm highly motivated. Wish me luck everyone!


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