NYC Day 1

Today I flew into NYC for my training seminar. It goes from Monday to Wednesday. Getting out here wasn't too bad. The kids didn't seem sorry to see me go since I had to remind both of them to give dad a hug before I went through airport security. They were more interested in seeing planes take off. I see how I rate. At least the Wife was kind enough to kiss me farewell.

I realized I was in for a bumpy ride on the plane when we walked on to the tarmac to get on it. It was one of those dual prop models. I was in seat 9C and it was in the LAST ROW. A bus seats more passengers than this plane. It was windy (both in Rochester and NYC). As a result, the plane really bounced around both on takeoff and landing. At altitude, it was fine, but I thought we were going to crash land instead of just land.

My hotel is great. My window on the 51st floor looks right down into the whole where the World Trade Center used to be. Other than that, the view is great. The room itself is quite nice. Kind size bed and nice size desk. Big TV.

The highlight of the evening was hanging out with Julz. It's been 3 years since I've seen her in the flesh (how time flies!). She came to the hotel around 6 and we took off for dinner. We found a nice pub/cucino in the Village area and had a great meal while watching the Steelers beat the Ravens. We were both stuffed after dinner so decided to take a "digestion" walk. We walked around the Village and ended up walking back to the hotel. I'm not sure how long we were at it, but the game ended around 7 and we got back to the hotel at 9. It seemed like no time at all. Julz was excellent company and we just chatted about everything and nothing all at once. It was a pity she had to head back, but all good things must come to an end. Hopefully it won't be another 3 years before I get a chance to hang out with her again.

Right now it looks like Tuesday I'll be getting together with Lisa B. and possibly Deni. I'm looking forward to that. I was hoping to catch Deni in concert but she played Carnagie Hall last night and has another gig day after I leave. The timing is not there this time. More to come!


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