Another wonderful evening

Today I got to meet Lisa B and her companion, HCFG. I was quite the wonderful evening. Before beginning, I would like to summarize in that Lisa B was as wonderful, gracious, charming, and interesting as I'd imagined her to be. HCFG was indeed a fun guy. I can see how women would find him cute and allow that to imply he is indeed hot. However, I'm not a good judge of hotness in guys, so I defer to Lisa's judgement on the matter.

With that out of the way, we met at a little French bistro type of place a few blocks from the hotel. HCFG got there first and we talked shop for a short time waiting for Lisa. He's an ex-IT geek and we had much in common. It was nice to get most of the shop talk out of the way before Lisa arrived so her eyes wouldn't have to glaze over from boredom. When Lisa arrived, she was much as I'd imagined her, much like the picture of her on her blog, a young, svelt, attractive lady that obviously was a dog owner. Don't ask me how I could tell that.

I felt bad for our waiter since both Lisa and HCFG knew exactly what they wanted to order and I was so busy chatting and getting aquainted that I didn't even bother to look at the menu. It was hard to turn my eyes away from the lovely blogger sitting across from me. However, order we did. Food was very good but the company was much better. We chatted about much, from kids, to the evil that IT guys do, to relationships, to where we were from. We were there a good couple of hours.

As always, the fun did have to end, since Lisa had to check on Ally da Pup. We reluctantly left the restaurant but I must admit it was most pleasing to meet them. It's always great to put a voice and face to the person behind the blog. I certainly look forward to getting together again the next time I might be in town. Which might be sooner than about 3 years. I've enjoyed my stay in NYC much better than the last time I was here. I'll have to blog about that separately.

Many thanks to Lisa and HCFG for the good food and company. I hope they enjoyed the evening as much as I did.


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