No rest for the weary

Again it's been one of those non-stop kind of weekends. Friday, we were invited to a friend's home for dinner with some other couples we know. A priest from our diocese was also invited and actually cooked! He's been a chef in a former life and made just HEAVENLY (no pun intended) dishes! There were a couple of beef dishes, scallop stir fry, chicken with a wonderful cream sauce, and ELK! I didn't even know it was elk until the next day. Didn't know how I missed that, but it tasted like steak and was incredibly tender. We hung out for hours just chatting and laughing. It was mostly people associated with the band which made it quite fun. They boys were even invited and had a pretty good time, although by about 9 pm Grasshopper was getting really bored and doing laps through the house.

Yesterday was filled with grounds cleanup at church with Maverick's scout troup, grocery shopping, eye exam for the Wife, and then playing 5 pm Mass with the band followed by a youth fun fest. The last even far exceeded everyone's expectations. They had 30 kids pre-register and 100 kids show up! We had food, games, basketball, volleyball, and a movie. Basically let 5th to 8th grade kids just hang out and be kids. It was a total blast.

Today was catch up day. I did have to head out to check out a used horn for Maverick. He keeps forgetting his sax at school so we're going to get him a decent used one to leave there for lessons and band. Then he'll have his good one for practicing at home and performances. The guy selling it was gracious enough to let me put a deposit on it and take it so Maverick's teacher can check it out. Maverick played it and it sounds pretty good, so I think it will be ok, but I want an expert opinion and someone to validate the price is commesurate with the condition. Last minute Maverick's friend called inviting him to a high school football game. Our district high school team is in the Class AA final for Section 5 (and are ahead by 12 as I write this!). So go Gates Chili Spartans!

Tomorrow it's back to the grind. Couple of side notes. I've totally gone over to the dark side. No, I didn't get a Mac. I've running Windows Vista at work and at home. And liking it. Also, I'll be in NYC next week. I've already set up a dinner date with Lisa B and am trying to find some time to meet up with Evil Julz and Deni Bonet. Wish me luck! I'll be attending training for a few days. Hope everyone's weekend was a blast. While things were hectic here, it was a lot of fun.


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