Today I took one last shot at getting together with Deni. Unfortunately, it wasn't to be. Our schedules just didn't mesh. However, while in a nice little bistro on Broadway, I got a call on my cell phone and it was Deni! It was totally unexpected and completely made my evening. No kidding, it was like getting a call from your favorite rock star (which she basically is)! We chatted for about 5 minutes and it was most pleasant. Deni was totally beat and I could relate to her wanting to just veg on her couch tonight.

One of these days our schedules are going to match up, I swear it. Hopefully she can book some shows out my way in Western NY (or up around Albany so I can book a trip to headquarters around one of her shows!). Anyway, my training in NYC is complete and I'm headed back home tomorrow morning. You'll get my thoughts on NYC in the near future, including some amusing anecdotes about the bartender at the hotel, Century 21, and the hostess serving me tonight.


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