Suffering for your art

Yesterday, the band played at a local church function call the Hot Dog Roast. One of the city parishes put on a hot dog picnic, with free food and drinks. They also had clothing and other items free to take for those that needed them. We thought it was a great event so when we were asked to play (preferably gratis) we quickly accepted. Gratis of course.

Well, during the course of the gig, myself and the other guitar player got up to our usual antics. I move around, pick my guitar up in the air, jump around, etc. Our other guitar player likes to try to toss his guitar over his shoulder ala Yngwie Malmsteen. Well, at one point, I move over to do something, and he decides to do the guitar toss. I saw him do it, but he suddenly moved.

And the headstock of his guitar, the POINTY headstock of his guitar, crashes into my left elbow. Yes people, that's my neck hand required to actually PLAY any notes or chords. All feeling immediately left my hand and it went all pins and needles. Luckily we were neer the end of the song because I couldn't play for a few minutes until the feeling came back. Today, I've got a nice bruise on the elbow, and if I set it down just right, it hurts like hell. I don't think anything is broken, but dammit it can hurt!

I've now decided that the two of us need "safety circles" to stand in when we play. If we place the circles properly and both of us stay in our safety circles, we can both go crazy go nuts as much as we want without killing each other with our instruments. I think.


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