Deep Thoughts

I've had a few small things bouncing around in my head, so I thought I'd throw then all down in one post.

Forget Female Intuiton: A friend sent me this link concerning the male intuition. As soon as I read I read it, I knew it to be true. After all, it explains why so many women at work keep calling me with thier "technology" problems which could be easily handled by anyone else on my team. You be the judge.

Sally Say It Ain't So: Have you seen these Boniva commercials with Sally Field? She's trying to say that taking this one pill a month is so much easier than taking one pill a week. Excuse me, if you're not smart enough to remember to take a pill once a week, what makes you think you'll remember it once a month? How is that easier? If you have so many medications to take that you can't remember what to take when, you got a MAJOR problem. And in the latest commercial, she says something about keeping up with family and they show kids running around my kids age. Like those are HER kids. I could believe grandkids, but not kids. Let's get real people!

Supermarket Math: Is it just me or do supermarkets think we're mathmatically challenged or even just plain stupid? It used to be that math at the grocery store was easy. 2/$1. 50 cents each. Pretty easy. THEN they start with this 3/$5 bullshit. Dammit, had to get out my calculator to figure out the first two were $1.66 each and the third was $1.67. How about some easy math? So what do they do? They start with 2/$2 and 5/$5. Now, that's easy to figure out, but why not just say $1 each? NOW they're putting up signs that say 10/$10. Are they really trying to see how gullible I am? Do they really think I'm so naive to think that if I don't by 10 I don't get them for the $1 each? Or do they thing I'm so stupid that I can't divide 10 by 10 and get 1, so I'll just get all 10 anyway? I'm sorry, if the stupid item is $1 then just put that fucking price on it. If I want to by 10 or even 20, then I'll put that many in my fucking shopping cart! Don't try to tell me how many I need to buy!

Am I a Parent?: We've had a couple of cases of people leaving their kids in cars here and "forgeting" about them. In one case, a woman left her baby in the car all day while at work with the windows closed and the temperature at 90 degrees. Yup, baby's gone. Her excuse? She FORGOT her baby was in the car. Another case a babysitter left the kid unattended in the car outside a convenience store with the windows cracked in the same temperature with the car locked. A clerk called 911 and they got the kid out. Babysitter had lots of lame excuses. In the first case, you don't FORGET you have the kid in the car. I'm sorry. There's no excuse. I've been carting my kids around for over 10 years and I NEVER ONCE didn't know they were in the car with me. I might check to see if they're still alive if they were to quiet, but I ALWAYS knew they were there. And I NEVER left the car with them in it while I did ANYTHING. Even now, if I do leave the kids in the car (which is rare), it's for less than a minute. Pop into the day care building and drop off a payment. Go up to a mailbox and drop in a letter. That sort of thing. The children have my sympathy but the parents do not.

Eat a Sandwich: Is it just me, or is anyone else sick of hearing about the woes of celebrities? Lindsay's in rehab. Big damn deal. Nicole is pregnant and will she be afraid of losing weight? Go eat some candy bars for Christ's sake. Free Paris! Free me from having to see her on TV again! Maybe I'm just getting old, but all these so called celebrities just make me shake my head. Most of them have no talent other than being beautiful. And people actually CARE what they have to say. You know, millions are going hungry and have no health care. It's a tragedy and we should do something about it. What does Brittney think we should do? We need her scholarly opinion to guide us through the crisis! How sad is your life if what these people have to say in any way shapes your thoughts. Go read a book instead!

Ok, that's probably enough for now. I keep going and I'll probably get to politics and REALLY start ranting. And we should save that for another time.


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