Not what I thought this was going to be

I was going to post another rant on commercials that annoy me. But I decided to post something else instead. I'll save the rant for later this week.

Our weekend looked to be incredibly hectic as of Friday morning. Grasshopper had weapons class at 5 and a sleepover Friday night. The Wife got caught in traffic after work Friday so we started out running a little late. I had plans with Maverick most of the day Saturday, but more on that in a minute.

Grasshopper and the Wife went to a sleepover at a place called Rock Ventures. It's a place full of rock climbing walls. According to the Wife, the had a great time. The kids got to climb rock walls basically as long as they wanted. The Wife got qualified as a belayer so she got to hold the ropes. She even got up and climbed a wall! There are pictures to prove it, but I don't have a copy yet. I'll definately put that up as soon as I have it. Once the rock climbing was done, the kids got a chance to do rapelling and go on the "high ropes", which is basically an obstacle course 30 feet above the floor. Grasshopper was going to do it, but once he got up that high, changed his mind.

The Wife was pretty impressed with one of the staff there. There was this cave you could climb the walls and the ceiling. I guess this guy was doing a Spiderman impression effortlessly climbing around this cave. She and our den leader (also a mom) agreed that said young man had some "nice upper body strength". I beleive they were both smitten.

Saturday the plan was for Maverick and I to go white water rafting. The river has been running low so it looked like we would be canoeing instead. Right afterward I then needed to get Maverick to gold, followed immediately by a graduation party for the daughter of the Wife's co-worker. Well, we drove all the way out to the park to go rafting and found out it was cancelled. It appears they tried to go canoeing Friday afternoon, but the water level was so low they spent more time pushing the canoes than paddling. The outfit had tried to call the dad that set it up, but called his work number after he'd left. Oh well. Maverick and I went out to breakfast instead and it made getting to golf easier.

After golf, we headed out to the graduation party. We'd intended a short stay just to make an appearance, but we were having way too good a time! There were plenty of kids the boys' age and they were having a blast. As it turns out, the Wife's co-worker lived on my street when I lived in the city. Though I don't remember it (since I was 5 at the time), her brother and I were the best of pals! He was there and I vaguely recall him. But he had a copy of our Kindergarden class picture! And the riot of the whole thing was that his boy is the same age as Maverick. And both our kids look just like we did at 5. The Wife's co-worker got a picture of myself and her brother with both our boys. It was just hysterical! It can be such a small community at times.

We spent a lot of time just talking to people. It was great just getting out and hanging with people. Thankfully, today we really had nothing going so we could chill out a little. Of course, we've spent most of the day doing housework, but we got to watch Liverpool play Chelsea today so that was a nice break. Too bad the game ended a tie. I'm looking forward to putting the boys to bed so I can just chill on the couch. Hope your weekend was fun!


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