More Annoying Commercials

I could rant about what's going on at work both for me and the Wife, but I got aggrevated about it enough yesterday. So I'll rant about something different instead, more stupid commercials (hereby designated MSC because we don't refer to enough things by initials these days).

So, MSC number one is any Cialis commercial. Have you seen these? You must since the play like 10 times an hour. For the most part, it's no big deal, other than how many couples like the Wife and I get to have sex in the middle of the day? That's what I thought. Just once I'd like to see the commercial where the empty nest couple is actually having sex when the doorbell rings and it's the kids and grandchildren. THAT would be funny. But I digress.

The thing that annoys me about these commercials is the end. Each one ends with the couple taking a long walk in a deserted place and finding 2 claw foot bathtubs. WITH RUNNING PLUMBING! If you look carefully, you'll see the faucets on the tubs! So, first of all, who the fuck in their right mind would actually get naked and hop in a tub in the middle of nowhere? Next to the ocean? And then how is it romantic for each person to be in their own tub? Oooo, honey, you look hot all naked soaking in the water. I think I lie here in my tub and admire you! You would think at least it would be one BIIIIG bathtub and the two would share. THAT has possibilities.

MSC number two is the commericals for the herpes medication. I forget what it is, but they show a couple and one of them says they have herpes and the other says they do not and they want to keep it that way. First of all, I got to throw the bullshit flag. Maybe I'm just not understanding enough or crazy in love enough, but if my girlfriend tells me she has herpes, I'm thinking the relationship is done. If the Wife told me she had herpes, we'd have an whole other issue. But again, maybe I'm just shallow.

The real kicker on this commercial is the disclaimer: only approved for use with heterosexual couples. What? This drug somehow recognizes some sort of gay gene and selectively ignores it? Or are heterosexual couples somehow more responsible than gay couples which would make the medication more effective? What am I missing here? Does this drug do what it says so you can have sex and not infect the person you're having sex with or not?

I'm sure there's more MSC's out there, but I can't think of any right now. Except for commercials with Jessica Simpson in them. But anything with Jessica Simpson in it would be stupid by definition, so that doesn't count.


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