Poor Doggie

When we woke up this morning and our dog, Buddy did not seem himself. He was wiggling around and whining. When I took him for his walk, he puked up all his food, which he doesn't normally do. And he wasn't his usual jumpy self. Last night, he managed to swallow a marble, so we had a feeling that might be causing him a problem.

So in to the vet the Wife goes, and lo and behold, the marble is definately in there and isn't sitting well in his tummy. The vet moved it around in his tummy a little, and he's been better today, but he's been lying down mostly. Of course, we've spend most of the day babysitting the dog so we haven't got a lot done. Most of the housework we normally do didn't get done. I did manage to get the grocery shopping done and wash the Wife's car. As of 8 pm, he's starting to act more himself. The vet told us not to feed him and I think he's getting hungry. He was crying to the Wife when she was eating some grapes.

Not much planned for the rest of the weekend. I'll probably head to my mom's tomorrow for dinner (that's your standard dinner meal at 1 pm, it's an Italian thing). After that, maybe mow the lawn and chill out. As you can see, life can be really exciting around here.


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