What a weekend

Hope everyone had a very nice Mother's Day! And Happy Belated Mommy's Day to all of you with kids!

The weekend was typical. Saturday was just nuts. Got up early to take the boys to a Cub Scout service project/Bike Rodeo. We spruced up the school with mulch and then had a bike saftey/obstacle course kind of thing. The boys liked that a lot. The ran out to get some lunch, got to BJ's, and bought Maverick a new bike. He had SERIOUSLY outgrown his so we got him a nice Trek mountain bike in black with silver flames. It's adjustable so it can grow with him. He REALLY loves his new bike. I'll have to get a picture of him with it up on the blog.

After that, back home to begin mowing the lawn. I only got to do the front (for about 15 minutes) cause then I had to take Grasshopper to a friend's birthday party. He had a lot of fun since this was one of his best pals. The minute Grasshopper got there, his friend put his arm around him and let him off for fun and games. How cool is that?

After the party, back home for dinner. I then had to FINISH cutting the grass, even though it had poured during the party so the grass was damp. Then I finally got to go out and do the grocery shopping (the Wife isn't into grocery shopping. It takes her 10 minutes just to pick out some vegetables). By the time I got home, it was 9 pm. I had seriously crashed and burned at that point and fell asleep watching a Nascar race. They're so good for that!

Yesterday was much better. We went to church and then went to Tim Horton's for a snack. The boy's gave Mom the things they'd made at school. Grasshopper drew some really nice pictuers of the Wife with her new hairdo. Very good renderings. We then took a nice bike ride.

We then went off to the local Garden Store to get something for my Mom and look at plants for landscaping the house. We were there only about a half hour but we need like a whole day to look around for landscaping ideas. They had SO MUCH COOL STUFF! I may need to solicit donations to pay for all the plants. We got my mom a nice potted plant for Mother's Day and went over for dinner. At 1:30. Cause in Italian families, you have Sunday Dinner actaually at lunchtime then eat enough where you can sleep the rest of the day. It's a wonderful thing.

Unlike most visits to my mom's we actually didn't stay to long and left after about 2 hours. One more quick errand to get some cat food and we had the rest of the day to ourselves. The kids played outside while the Wife relaxed with some reading. All in all a very pleasant day. Not having to play a Mass at 5 pm can be so refreshing. I am really going to enjoy Sunday's this summer.


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