National Day of Prayer

Before I get into the heart of my post, I'd like to thank everyone for thier input on the Wife's wardrobe dilemma. She's out right now looking for either a new outfit, or perhaps black pants to go with the dress. We'll see what she comes up with. I also hate to put up another post and push those excellent pics of hers down the site. At least I have the originals.

Now, on to the business at hand. Many of you may not know today is a National Day of Prayer. Congress decreed back in 1952 that a day should be set aside for National Prayer and President Reagan designated the first Thursday in May as the day in 1988. Bet you didn't know that.

In any event, the reason all of this is on my mind is that I just came from a service at our community senior center to commemorate the day. Our town supervisor was there representing the town. We had pastors of area churches pray for towns, government, communities, families, etc. They read scripture. We had a wonderful preacher give a key note speach. Oh, yeah, and my Sunday night group and I played a song.

It was quite cool. The speakers were inspirational. While we played, a woman literally stood up, closed her eyes and raised her hands, and sang with us. First time I'd seen that. We had a lot of Amens, hallelujahs, and such. Very Baptist feeling.

I did feel a little bit of irony, perhaps, that we were doing a prayer service at a town owned community center. That whole seperatoin of church and state thing. But the town didn't really plan this. The town merely asked community leaders if they wanted to organize something. Everything was organized by the parishes involved. And it is a community center that can be used for any purpose, by any denomination if it so desires. I did find it a little dissapointing that we were all Christian. It would have been neat to get some Muslims, Jews, Buddists, or whatever in on it as well. But, ours is a suburban neighborhood and primarily Christian. We do have more Jewish and Muslim sections of the county, but those are other towns. Anyway, it was a cool thing to attend and it's always great to play in front of a crowd.

Now for an update: The Wife just got home a few minutes ago and she's not happy. She spent several hours looking at dresses and they were either WAY to formal, or just plain ugly. It seems brown is in this year. What a dull color for a party! Anyway, she's got a nice black dress that she can wear with a shawl that she's going to go with. She looks HAWT in that too, but won't be showing as much leg. Damn. On the plus side, she'll be showing some shoulder in this dress, and she's got very nice shoulders as well. Plus, it shows enough leg. I'll post pictures next week.


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