Is that you Muse?

Lately I've been in a bit of a musical dry spell. I've had no inspiration or desire to come up with any new music. Sometimes I can't even find the energy (or the time) just to sit down and play. However, I've managed to pick up my guitar at least for a little while over the last couple of days. I've even managed to tool around and come up with some little snippets of riffs that might make good songs. I've thrown them down on tape so I don't forget them. No real songs yet, but perhaps they'll develop into something. I think it might be time to pick up my Bible looking for lyrical inspiration. However, there are developments at church that may affect the direction of the music. I can't say much about it now, as all I got was a cryptic message from one of the members of the group that's on our church staff. We're meeting week after next so I might know what's going on then.

In any event, it appears the tempremental Muse of mine hasn't completely deserted me, we're simply not communicating too much right now. But perhaps that's her whispering in my ear. Or it might just be the buzzing from too many rock concerts. I'm not sure which.


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