Need a female opinion

The Wife has requested I take some digital photos so she can get the opinion of the ladies in her office. So I figured, if she can ask them, I can ask my readers! After all, I have a large female readership, so she can benefit from all of your womanly advice.

Here's the background. Some of you may recall I gave the Wife a totally hot red Mandarin dress for her birthday. Well, since this Saturday is Grasshopper's first communion, she decided to wear it. Being a typical female, she decided to put it on first to make sure her shoes matched and that there were no other potential "wardrobe issues".

Well, she thinks she discovered an issue. The dress has slits up both legs on the side. She is concerned the slits go too high and show off a little too much leg. As if that's possible when you have legs as great as hers. She seems to think if she bends over, her ass will be falling out of the dress. Her solution is to wear pants under the dress. She needs to know if the pants go or if she should go with just the dress.

I have photos of her in the dress with and without pants. My personal opinion is that she should go without the pants. But then again, that dress makes me want to fuck her brains out, so I may be a little biased. Mind you, nearly everything she wears makes me want to fuck her brains out, but with this dress I have trouble waiting for her to actually get out of it. Just thinking about her in the dress is arousing. But, on to the pictures.

First, with the pants:

Next, without the pants. Please ignore the cat that was to lazy to get out of the way:

And finally, my favorite shot. The "bending over while talking to Grasshopper pose". I'd use this as the background for my laptop, but I have to resize it first. Again, I think this works just fine, but as I said, "would need to fuck her brains out". Probably not the opinion she wants.

Opinions ladies?


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