You can't win sometimes

For those that are unaware, Grasshopper has been diagnosed with PDD-NOS, which is an autism spectrum disorder. Because of this, he qualifies for Medicare coverage, which entitles us to certain benefits. He also qualifies for other services through NYS DDSO (don't ask me what it stands for). This provides us with a service coordinator to help us get services for Grasshopper, respite hours (basically 250 hours of free babysitting a year), and reimbursement for expenses related to his needs, including karate (as therapy).

So today the Wife gets a call for our service coordinator (who is totally awesome BTW). It appears the DDSO was reviewing Grasshopper's paperwork and it turns our his IQ is too high to qualify for services! Yes, that's right, I've got a genius autistic son. The service coordinator is arranging for other testing to show that Grasshopper qualifies for services, but what a pain! He already qualifies for services through the school district (like a one to one aid) so it isn't like we're trying to scam anyone.

I realize that these organizations have their procedures, but what a hassle sometime. As the title says, sometimes you just can't win.


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