Happy Birthday to Me - updated!

I've got my birthday coming up this month. I've been thinking what I'd like to buy myself as a gift. Now, being that it's a "milestone" birthday, I'd love to get this and this. However, I can't in good conscience spend over $7500 for my birthday present to me (plus, I'm sure the Wife would break them over my head).


(looks around)

shhh..... come over here....closer.....closer.......ok, is the Wife around? No....ok, listen close..


I may be able to get my hand on this:

Now, you may ask yourself, just what is the difference between this guitar and my Baby (Yamaha SBG20000). One the surface, they may look the same. However, a close examination reveals striking differences. First, the 1300TS is all black, not black with white binding. Also, and more importantly, the 1300TS has a double locking tremelo system.

I'm sure by now you're thinking to yourself, "what the hell is that?". Well, in layman's terms, it's a whammy bar that stays in tune no matter how much you use it. My NEON PINK Ibanez has one. The advantage of this guitar is that it's got the power, shape, and setup like my Baby, and the tremelo system of my Pink Gal so I get the best of both worlds.

As you can see, this guitar is TOTALLY different than any of my others. Plus, they're getting hard to find. So if the price is right, who knows, perhaps I'll add a cool axe to my collection. Or perhaps the Wife will make me sleep outside. I'm not sure which way it would fall out.

Update: Thanks to Miss ESC, I've linked pictures to my current guitars above. Did I mention my pink guitar before? The shockingly pink one? The one the Wife first looked at and went "What the hell is that thing?" She still shakes her head when I play it. But the chicks dig it.


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