What a Weekend

It's been a bit of a crazy weekend. The Wife had some surprises for me on my birthday. It started with a call from one of my co-workers wishing me a happy birthday. It appears the Wife splashed my face and age in the morning newspaper. I then got a call from the operator stating the Wife was in the lobby. She brought me balloons and cookies. And she made me put a Happy 40th Birthday poster on my office door.

I had lunch with a friend from my last job. It was nice catching up, however, we talked shop most of lunch. And when we left, she said we need to do it again and talk about the kids and music and stuff. I had to mention it would have been perfect conversation over the previous hour! I then had cake back at work. It was a shared cake, as one of the other guys in my department also had a birthday last week but was sick a few days, so we did one cake instead of two.

The evening was unexciting. Additionally, the Wife came down with a sinus infection on Thursday so has been pretty down for the count this weekend. She slept about half of Saturday and is finally starting to feel better today. I did go to my Mom's yesterday for dinner and more cake, and got to buy some clothes with the money she gave me. So all in all it's been a decent weekend. Today was the usual church thing. We did get outside with the boys today since it was about 70. Got to enjoy the good weather while you can.

This week is going to be crazy. The boys have baseball and soccer starting tomorrow. Plus now both boys will be in karate. AND, Grasshopper's first communion is Saturday. So the summer insanity now begins. Thankfully Sunday evening Mass is done for the season next Sunday so I may actually get a day of rest. But I'm not counting on it.


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