Gas prices suck

I'm sure you're all aware of rising gas prices. It's a little on my brain right now as there's been plenty of reports in the news about it. I also was looking at our monthly budget in preperation for a financial review and saw what we're paying. Over $200 a month just for gas! Damn.

This review of gas prices the President is calling for is ridiculous. They looked at this last time and did nothing. Even his "offer" of putting less fuel in the strategic reserve is a joke because this has never significantly affected gas prices. They only reason Republicans are calling for hearings is to look like they're doing something during an election year. Oil companies are making record profits and prices are still going up! How much money is enough money.

When I was watching a report on the news about it last night and I had a great thought. You've probably all seen the email about everyone not buying gas for a day and costing oil companies tons of money. It doesn't really work cause if you don't buy it today you'll still need to fill your tank at some point. No, my thought was the real way to hit them hard is to sell your stock in the companies. When they're stock prices fall, their income will go WAY down. The funny thing was, the report I was watching alluded to the fact that high gas prices actually help consumers because 41% of retirement funds invest in oil stocks. Fat comfort now to know that these bloated companies might get you a better return on your retirement. Still, it cemented the fact this was the best way to hit their pocketbook. Either that or everyone should stop driving for a month.

I also saw a report that a group is praying for divine intervention to bring down gas prices. While I beleive in prayer for many things, I'm not sure what that might accomplish. Do we bring down the Wrath of God on the refineries? Won't that make gas prices go up more? Or do we pray that bad things happen to the people that run the companies? Is that really Christian? Maybe I should pray God gives me a big raise or that I strike the lottery so I can actually afford to drive.

Now, on to a compeltely unrelated note, I read Brittany Spears is "100% pregnant". So I have to ask, how are you like 75% pregnant? Can you be many 37% pregnant? And what if you're only 98% pregnant? Someone has to think about these questions. Cause if you're only 37% pregnant, how much of a kid will you have? And what if they're twins? Imagine having 18.5% of a kid. Do you end up with Mini-Me?

And finally on an even more unrelated note, tomorrow will be a milestone for me. You may or may not know that the Wife and I are the same age, though she is THREE AND A HALF months older than me. Meaning she turns all "milestone" ages before me. You know, like turning 40. For tomorrow is indeed my birthday. No need to make a huge deal out of it and lobby Congress to make it a national holiday. Simply mail me a check. You can email me for my address or simply use Paypal. I also accept "donations" of any musical equipment that would assist me in rocking out, guitars, amps, basses, drums, you name it. I intend to celebrate my birthday by spending the evening with the Wife pouring over our financial future with our advisor. Exciting, I know. But if I'm REALLY lucky, the Wife won't fall asleep in her chair and we can go to bed at the same time. Then I can fall asleep with a hand on her side so as not to make her throw the covers off due to all of my Italian Heat radiating off on her. Aren't we romantic?


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