Just waiting - Updated!

This morning I'm sitting waiting in the dentist's office. Maverick is having 4 baby teeth removed. They're in the way of his permanent teeth coming in. It's nice having a laptop in that I can catch up on some work stuff while not in the office, but you can only do so much. I'm pretty much caught up on whatever I can do and now I get to just wait until he's done.

Maverick was a little anxious about the extractions since he doesn't want his mouth to hurt, but he's being a trooper. Unfortunately, he'll probably need a lot of dentistry in the coming years. He's already had the top jaw widened and has braces on the front two teeth to close them up. Hopefully we knock most of this out of the way in the next year or so and he can have an eaiser time of it in high school.

I'll be staying home until about lunch today then the Wife comes home to take the second shift, as it were. There's no way I'd let him go back to school after something like this. Besides, they're giving him the nitrous gas and I'm sure it will take the rest of the day for it to wear off.

I'll post an update on how he's doing after we get home.

Update: I got Maverick home a little while ago. He's a bit groggy and is mellowing out in front of the TV right now. The novacaine has not yet worn off. He says he feels fine. The procedure only took about half an hour, as the top two teeth basically had no roots. We did get all 4 teeth, perhaps I'll take a picture and morbidly post it for all of you. Aren't I sweet?

All in all the extractions went well and Maverick is feeling as well as can be expected. He's a tough kid.


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