While at the dojo...

Unlike Nanner, I don't have any femal sensei eye candy at karate. So since I happen to have my wireless tablet (thank you work for giving me such nice toys) I can type while keeping an eye on Grasshopper as he works his way towards martial arts dominance. I had a couple of miscellaneous things to throw out there so I figured I'd put them in one post.

1. I've finished preparing my taxes. I used Tax Cut and did it myself, so it cost me $20 to do both federal and state returns. I quite generously allowed Bush and Co an interest free loan on a decent chunk of my cash so it is time for them to repay my loan. Since I was so overly generous with Uncle Sam, we will be able to go on the vacation to the Henry Ford Museum the Wife desires. I will probably change my deductions, however so as not to loan such a great sum to our friends in Washington this year.

2. Maverick is already learning how to try and scam us. He came home yesterday with a letter from the bus garage. It appears he and another boy got into a little arguement on the bus last Friday and Maverick hit the other boy on the head with his lunch bag. The boy's mother was a little upset and the school principal had a chat with both of them. When the Wife asked for his side of the story, he promptly said, "What does the paper say? I want to say the same thing." He's already learning to get his story straight and cover his tracks! Nice try kid. His punishment is yet to be decided.

3. I'm a little dissapointed in the slow sales of Voice of the Spirit (link to the right, on sale now, goes to support charity, don't make me beg). Not that I expected to run out of CDs in a week or anything, but I had many people tell me they would definately buy a copy while I was recording and that they were so excited, yet not one of these people has approached me for a copy. I also emailed the pastor of our church to put a note in our weekly bulliten but have yet to hear back. As I said, I'm not making a huge deal out of it, but it is a bit disappointing. I'm going to have to hit up our pastor next time I see him.

That's pretty much it for now. Grasshopper is working with one of the other kids so I have to make sure he doesn't kick the poor boy's ass or something. One of these days I'll have to get his hands and feet registered as lethal weapons.


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