Posting fool

I'm just a posting fool today. Grasshopper's got a little cough so I'm keeping an ear open to make sure he settles down ok after I gave him a cough suppresant. Anyway, I happened to just check out Cootera's site and it reminded me of a little Valentine's Day story I thought I would share.

If I haven't said so on your site yet, I'm not big into Valentine's Day. Trading Valentine's Day cards with the Wife is all I really need. We ususally get something heartfelt. The Wife is quite good an usually nearly makes me cry when she reminds me how much she cares. This year was not exception as her card was very sweet.

One thing I NEVER do is buy roses. I thought about it once early in our marriage. I went to see a florist a few weeks ahead to arrange delivery but he couldn't tell me what the total was going to be. He had no idea what the rate was going to be until Valentine's Day. At the time, a dozen roses was slightly under $10. However, for Valentine's Day he was predicting $40 to $50. Basically I have a problem spending 5 times the going rate just to give the Wife flowers on a special day. I prefer giving flowers for no special reason because I think it means more to do something sweet for the Wife when it's not expected instead of when it is. Besides, it isn't like giving her roses on Valentine's Day is going to get me any action.

Which brings me to my story. I'm reminded of the last time I actually got some action on Valentine's Day. It was Valentine's Day 1998. Why do I remember this date very vividly? Because it just so happens it was the only night I got some action that month. And a few weeks after that, the Wife informed me she was with child. Having no reason to doubt her fidelity to me, I could only conclude that our little "tryst" on Valentine's Day resulted in the blessing of our second child. Yes, that's right, Grasshopper was concieved on Valentine's Day, and born on Halloween. This just goes to show that having sex on a holiday can yeild interesting results. So beware, ladies! Lord only knows what can happen to you if you get a little to amorous on this special "Holiday of LUUUUV".

Don't say I didn't warn you.


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