For Lois, the Awful Temptress

Lois left a comment the other day asking about lyrics she'd sent me a while back. She was curious if I'd put it to music. I really haven't had much chance so I hadn't looked at them in a while. But as it happens, on Wednesday, I was home with the boys and we were just hanging. I figured, what the heck, I'll take a few minutes and play around with it. And wouldn't you know it, in less than 10 mintues, I had a song. It seems like every time that woman pokes at me about music, I'm forced to go off and create really good songs. She's an evil woman, she is. She even sent me MORE lyrics to a song she titled Evil Love. Now she'll probably make me finish that one too!

Seriously, though, the lyrics were written shortly after her dad died. You can check Lois' site for the details. What resulted is this, in a very rough form. I need to flesh it out with bass and drums. I must say that singing the last chorus' was giving me some chills. Lois is a wicked excellent writer and I did my best to get the emotions in the lyrics to come out in the vocal. Please make sure you stop by her site and tell her what an outstanding songwriter she is.

Now to my pal Lois, so when are we getting together to record this CD? We've got 3 songs already, a fourth in progress. Six more and we'd have something. I've got a standing offer from my engineer to go to Maine and record. Two week marathon and we'd be done. All expenses paid by you! We could bill ourselves as CK's Gal and the Rocker Guy. Or Lois and That Guy That Plays the Guitar. That's how most people know me anyway. We could sell like a dozen copies of the CD!

And as always, it is a pleasure and an honor to create music with you. You make me stretch my songwriting skills. I normally start with the music, or have a bit of a lyric to go with it. The music and the lyric are always intertwined when I write. I've never written music after the lyrics are complete with no idea as to melody or chord structure. I had no idea how anyone could do it. Now I know. Thanks for making me a better musician. I'm glad I could help you realize your vision.


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